Goldgenie’s 24K Gold Plated HTC One M9

Goldgenie, a company that specializes in customizing premium smart phones with gold and platinum finishes, has just launched a 24K gold-plated version of the HTC One M9, the latest flagship Smartphone from HTC. As you can probably imagine, the price is prohibitive if you’re not the rich type.

This 24K gold-plated HTC One M9 from Goldgenie will set you back $2560 with gold finish to. A deposit of $1,280 has to be submitting first to purchase this classy precious gadget.

A Finally custom made mundane retail box is specially designed for this modern device which is why Goldgenie will ship the handset in a luxury box with a "Cherry Oak" finish. As an additional bonus, the company will also install Total Armour Protection on the handset.

HTC limited edition phone

On the off chance that you officially own a HTC One M9, Goldgenie can likewise take your handset, spread it in extravagance gold, and after that send it back to you, just for the cost of $1,332.45.

HTC Gold Plated Phone

Interestingly, this implies that Goldgenie will offer you a HTC One M9 (before plating it in gold that is) at the somewhat high cost of $1,228. Of course, in case you’re willing to part with this sort of cash, you most likely wouldn’t fret the premium that Goldgenie forces on the Smartphone.

HTC Gold Smartphone

Goldgenie's 24K gold-plated HTC One M9 costs a whopping $2,560. This 24K gold-plated version of the HTC One M9 is simply awesome.

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