Belt Buckle Flask

The belt buckle flask is perfect for heavy drinkers. You have not enough space in your pocket to keep a bottle. This Belt Buckle flask will be a well fit to your minimal alcohol refueling requirements. It is particularly made for those who require some energy to recharge them after short intervals of time. This flask attaches to your belt which resembles to a traditional belt buckle.

It’s a belt buckle that doubles as functional wine flask. This flask is appropriate for every occasion. For occasions where pocket space is limited then opt for belt buckle flask to discretely take your precious drink wherever you go. Isn’t it amazing? This flask is easy to carry and does not spoil your fashion statement and fulfill your drinking requirement as well.

The small belt buckleflask measures just 2.75 x 2.25 inches that is just a small size. It does not look all much that bigger than a standard belt buckle. This mini flask has the ability to hold up 2 ounces of your favorite alcohol at a time.

The most influential thing about this belt buckle flask is that there is no chance that you will get drunk with just 2 ounces of alcohol. It attaches to a specialized buckle that fits any belt. The belt buckle flask is designed in a very innovative pattern. This tiny flask consists of two parts. One is the actual buckle and second is flask that also has a hinged cap. The buckle is clipped on to the band and mini wine flask with a cap docks onto the buckle.

Now you will be thinking that flask will fell down when you move around? It will not fell down when you move around because of its technical manufacturing. The flask is attached to the buckle securely that uses a pair of magnets. The flask stays securely attached at all times and it can be easily removed in one quick motion. Both the buckle and wine flask are constructed from stainless steel.

All belts buckles are fine pewter and highly detailed. The color on the colored belt buckles is a durable epoxy and would not chick or flake. These all qualities and features has made belt buckle flask a choice of majority of people.

This is an awesome way to get booze into places where you cannot. The build quality of the product is actually better. Its design is clean without any kind of rough edges.This flask is not too expensive and is pretty good. The belt buckle flasks are available now at 12.49 dollars and ready to serve your alcohol sipping needs.So get benefit from this flask.

Get charged when you require energy by selecting this belt buckle flask that is not big in size and you have not fear of stains on your pant. It is easy to remove and easy to fill, not much expensive and wherever you go you can quench your thirst of your favorite drink through your belt buckle flask.

The belt buckle flask is another new gift for heavy drinkers. This is a special type of belt that contains a flask with buckle. This flask has eliminated your problem of drinking. Now you can recharge yourself at any place. The belt buckle flask is easy t

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