Use of Net to Prevent Mosquito as a Decoration

Summer is here with mosquitos. This is a tough time for household women to prevent their families from mosquito biting. Apart from Malaria disease, Dengue virus is also hitting millions of lives across the nation. It is very much necessary to keep away your kids and family members from mosquitos.

For safety in this regard, many household women use net. If you use net in a simple and plain manner, it might look messy and unsuitable. Here are some very easy tips that how you use net to prevent mosquito as a decoration item. The ideas may vary according to your room space, budget, personal choice and net stuff.

This summer use your net as a decoration item and enjoy two charms with one hit.

Usage of net to prevent mosquito as a decoration item:

Mosquito Canopies:

Mosquito Canopies are one of the best sources to prevent from mosquitos along with decoration. These canopies give you a sense of sooth, calmness and romantic touch in your bedroom and you will definitely enjoy a hustle and mosquito free sleep with your partner. These canopies are easily available at all leading stores or furniture shops. However you can also make them at your own home by using plain net cloth.

Circular Mosquito net:

For kid’s bedroom decoration you can easily use your net to prevent mosquito as a decoration. Match the cushion colors with net color and add a nice and colorful flair to your kid’s room decoration. For boy’s room, use army theme mosquito net whilst for girls, you can use Cinderella or Disney land themes at the top of the mosquito net.

Mosquito net for master bedrooms:

For master bedrooms of your house, you circular mosquito net with decorative items such as dry flowers, frills, double fitted mirror, butterfly packaging etc. You can also use single fabric mosquito net for single bed. Set your mosquito net with printed fabric on the top along with a plastic ring to hold it.On the body, use color matched downy balls, playing cards, leaves, embroidered organza, flower mesh and many more decorative items.

These days, Bali style mosquito nets are also in high demand. These nets not only prevent you from mosquito but also provide a soothing and calm effect in hot summer weather. You can also use cool sceneries at the back side of the mosquito net for more refreshing touch.

There is no hard and fast rule to use net to prevent Mosquito as a decoration. Markets in fact are full of fancy and decorative nets which not only prevent you from mosquito but also delight and decorate your room in such an amazing way.

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