Think You Know Salad? Think Again

Salads are one of the most refreshing and healthy type of food, it not only freshens up your skin but also is a low calories diet. You might have eaten and heard of different types of salad but there are several more types of salads which fall in the category of the best salads you can have and we also have some different facts about salads that you would love to know.
When you are eating the thing present on the table other than the usual meals is none other than the salad which is a mixture of hot and cold food items, green vegetables, meat, grains, seafood, fruits and many more. Salads are served with different dressings, nuts and meat. Salads are the healthiest and refreshing type of food they can be served as an appetizer, main course salads and desert salads. Around the world salads are served in many different ways like in USA it is served before the entrée while in Europe it is served after the entrée.
All of you guys might think you just know salads well certainly there are a lot of things that you really do not know about salads like the fact that we use salads for low calories purpose but the dressing prepared for these salads have most of the time calories double than a cheese burger.
Lettuce is a major ingredient of salad and most of the time it is said to be similar to ice berg well Caesar lettuce is much healthier than the iceberg and is more nutritious.
You guys might be aware of the Fruit cocktail term well yes, it is the now called fruit salad as when it was originated in mid-nineteenth century the fruits were mixed and were served with sugar and alcohol and an average fruit salad for one serving contains almost one hundred and twenty three calories with two grams of proteins, four grams of fat and twenty one grams of carbohydrates.
Salads are the type of food that is very refreshing, whether you are having a fresh green salad with crisp lettuce or, warm potato salad, fruit salads or so many more, you can make them in many handy ways plus also you can serve them as a side dish.
Some best green salads are the Green Salad with Papaya dressing, Green Bean and Radicchio salad with Gorgonzola, Primavera Lettuce Salad which can be served with cheese, Wilted Spinach Salad and Summer Green salad with Avocado oil, Mushroom and Spinach salad and many more.
The yummy potato salads include the Spiced Potato and Green Bean Salad and Potato Salad with Tuna. Yes you guys might not know about these types of salads but when you’ll have it they are really amazing.
Fruit salads are very refreshing and amazing so salads like Avocado Salad, Fruit salad with Lychees, Yellow Tomato and Lemongrass salad, Watermelon, radish and Cucumber salads are the best for summers and many more.
Similarly try the Lima bean and chicken salad, Red Cabbage salad, Grilled Eggplant and Garlic salads too. Well you might know some salads but do try these salads I am sure you will love them.

All of you guys might think you just know salads well certainly there are a lot of things that you really do not know about salads.

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