The Power of Infant Massage

Massaging is essential for nurturing a baby. Infant massage is a dynamic interaction that results in the creation of relationship that will last a lifetime. Whether massaging soothes your little baby to dreamland or to ease his gassy belly, a gentle rubdown can work wonders for your baby. Baby finds this soothing touching a source of relaxation.

All relaxation power lies in your tender touching. It’s a very useful technique that allows parents to engage with and relax their child in a mutually pleasurable interaction. It has also been shown by many researches that massage has enormous benefits for helping babies to grow and thrive. Now you may be thinking that how an infant massage can be powerful. I have mentioned some important things about infant massaging that will surely provoke you to massage your infant.

The nurturing touch between a parent and child enriches psychological, social, emotional and strong bonding and connection which exists long lasting. This relationship is very important between parents and infants which can be generated by massaging.

Infant massage is as important as food and also consider as important as minerals, vitamins and proteins. Isn’t it amazing? Touch is very important for the foundation of attachment and close relationship and for early social development of young child. What’s more than giving your infant a massage to help you find your own inner peace and satisfaction.

Besides developing a strong relationship and bond between parents and children, massaging also helps in easing your baby’s tummy troubles, teething pain, increase hormonal function, calm him when he is fussy, soothe him to sleep and also boost his muscle development. Massaging in adults and infants is much different. Touching is the first communication that a baby perceives.

He understands your soothing touch and love through massaging. Infant massaging gives your kid a way to express himself through smile and giggling when he is not able to speak. Touch is a universal language that babies can easily understand. Both infants and parents communicate through eye contact, relaxation, bonding, love and trust.

During massaging, parents must take a few precautions. When your infant is hungry or sick, don’t massage. Try to give him massage after a bath when baby is calm and ready to go to sleep. Before massaging wait thirty minutes after feeding. Don’t use oils with strong perfumes for massaging. 

It is not too late if you have not begun massaging your baby. Whether your baby is new born or several years old, massage him. Massage can bring immediate and long lasting results. Make a strong relationship between you and your child. There is nothing easier than massaging for making a strong bond and relationship between your infant and you.

Start massaging to soothe and relax your baby with your tender touch. After getting started with massage, you will be a better reader of your infants’ cues. Infant massage has made a world of difference in parent’s ability to open up a unique way of communication and understanding the child.

Massaging is so powerful that it relaxes and soothes both parents and infants. Massaging soothes and relaxes a baby and is also a source of inner satisfaction and pleasure for parents.

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