Surprising Home Uses For Onions

Onion is the most widely used vegetable in homes especially for cooking purposes. Onion does not only spice up the dishes but is also pretty beneficial and useful out of the kitchen. From healing skin to cleaning metal check out the surprising uses of onions. You can use onion for multipurpose in your home. Get benefits from surprising uses of onions. 

Heal the Burns:

Onion has antibacterial properties that do not lead bug biting to severe infection. If you have become the prey of super itchy insect bite then immediately start rubbing raw onion on the affected area to calm the area. Rub the raw onion to get relieve from the pain. 

Absorb New Paint Smell:

The scent of newly painted home is almost unbearable. Do you want to get rid of the newly painted room overnight? Cut up the slices of raw onion. Place slices of onion in bowl of water. Leave the bowl overnight to absorb strong scent of paint

Keep Unwanted Animals out:

To keep animals away from your home, sprinkle some slices of onion in your yard or garden. Raccoons, chipmunks and even cats will also keep at bay.

Clean Rusty Knives:

It can also be used to clean a rusty knife. Jab a dirty knife into a large raw onion and clean rusty knife.

Insects Repellent:

Are you more prone to mosquito bite? Use onion as insect repellent. Rubbing onion on the skin or on the clothes is an alternate spray to repel insects. It is non toxic and free of chemicals. By using onion, you don’t need to use perfume or insect repellent sprays full of toxic chemicals.

Polish Metal:

It can be used as metal polisher. Onion is organic cleaner. To polish metal, crush the raw onion and add in equal parts of water. Rub the mixture on metal surfaces with the help of damp cloth. Fixtures and taps usually lose shine with time in home. Rub them until they clean and become shiny. 

Relief from Cold:

Are you feeling cold and irritation in throat? Grab onion and make a special and beneficial onion tea. Take onion tea to ease your aching throat. To make onion tea, boil the cup of water with peels of half onion.

Clean the Grill:

You can do dual job with onion. Take a half onion and chop it roughly. Then use a long fork to spear it. In order to remove the gunk, scrub the grill with wire brush and turn on the heat. Use fork to run the onion over grill. Continue running onion until the grill is cleaned and all debris gone. This way, you will get cooked onion as well as clean grill.

Keep the Ants at Bay:

Kitchen is the place where ants attack the most. If the invasion of ants is constant in your kitchen then leave a bowl of raw slices of onion. The scent of the onion will repel the ants and keep them at distance. 

Soak the Smell of Burnt Rice:

Do you want to get rid of smoky odor of burnt rice? Put half of the onion near the stove. It will absorb all smoky smell.

Onion is enriched in a variety of necessary nutrients. From health benefits to cleaning metal in home, onion has surprising home uses. Find out the home uses of onions and get benefited.

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