Soothing News about Pacifiers

There are many good reasons for parents to use pacifiers for their babies. By the use of pacifiers, breastfeeding rates are decreased to a great extent and supplemental feeding rates are increased. Babies are always sensitive that need extra care and attention but in this busy life, it is impossible for some ladies who are engaged in some other work (along with motherhood) to look after their child properly.

Though every mother gives her best to look after her baby and for this purpose they tend to use different supplements for their child’s growth and better health. Pacifiers also play a vital for keeping baby calm and relax. Studies have shown some benefits of pacifiers in recent years. Some of them are given below.

• Decrease in sudden death of infants:

The soothing news about pacifiers is that the risk of sudden death of infants could be decreased by the use of pacifiers. Your baby can enjoy a better sleep while having a pacifier in his mouth. But studies also suggests that use pacifiers for one year only (after the birth of child) but not beyond one year. Using pacifier in older children can increase the risk of teeth misalignment. A new research in US suggests that sucking pacifiers can keep vulnerable infants from slumbering. Moreover, sucking pacifier can enhance babies’ swallowing habits.

• Help baby to fall asleep:

Babies and infants always love to suck something as this is the only thing they can do in that small age. Pacifier in this aspect is very beneficial as it can help your baby to fall asleep quickly and happily without having tears in his eyes. Infants love to suck pacifier and by doing so they also fall asleep sweetly.

• Offers temporary distraction:

When you want a blood test or want to distract the attention of your baby from something then pacifier is the best thing that can help you out. As a child does not pay attention on other things while he is busy in sucking pacifier so it is a very useful thing for you that can help you in your daily work with your baby.

• Comfort for crying:

At times, babies became stubborn and restless. They cry and scream very loud. At that time a pacifier is the only accessory that can help you out. A pacifier is a source of comfort for an infant. He feels relaxed and comfortable while sucking pacifier.

• Easier weaning:

If your baby is addicted to suck his thumb or foot fingers then it is difficult for you to stop your child from doing this. You can not cut his thumb or finger to stop him, but if you use pacifier for your child then it is very easy for you to wean him for pacifier when needed.

Don’t make your child addicted to a pacifier too. If he falls asleep and pacifier comes out of his mouth then don’t put it back. If your baby is crying, then before offering a pacifier to calm down her, do check his/her diaper or if he or she is hungry.

• Reduce the risk of over feeding:

You can reduce the risk of over feeding in a younger breast feeding baby as he can not control the flow of milk. So a pacifier can fill an important need for breast fed and bottle fed baby too.

• Harmless habit:

In many developing and developed countries, pacifier use is very common and infants can use pacifiers to satisfy their sucking instincts.  It is also a harmless habit and can be adopted easily by a child. Parents are strictly instructed by the experts not to place a string or a cord around a pacifier instead parents are said to put a ring round pacifier for the ease. Too much sucking of pacifier can cause ear infections as well.

The pacifier is a baby’s accessory that has soothing effect on him/her. There are several reasons to use baby pacifiers and also there is some soothing news about pacifiers for you.

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