Some Facts that New Moms Need to Know

Lil tikes/babies are the biggest joy for a mother. There is no replacement for the adorable smiles or hugs they give you and sheer pride you feel when your baby takes his first step. But this is only the happy side. Taking care of these little munchkins is the toughest job. For all you new moms out there, it’s going to exasperating for you and often surprising too but don’t worry, it will be all worth it. And sometimes it’s reassuring to recognize you’re not the only one to come clean that a negative aspect even exists. Here is a list on what you may encounter.

There is No Learning Curve:

By the time you know how to manage colic, it’s finished. All your know-how at changing diapers on a toddler becomes outdated when he levels to big-kid underwear. It’s a roller coaster ride. Be ready for it and nothing will come as planned. A good mental and physical work out will do you good.

You Run in Circles:

The instant you get one thing resolved, there’s something new to do. There will be endless rounds of feeding; naptime and diapering that scatter life with young kids. This will only go uphill when they grow up until they become adults. If you have more than one child, the cycle begins to extend beyond. Best is just to go with the flow.


You’ll Feel Helpless Sometimes:

You’re prepared and eager to do anything in the world to give your child safety and happiness. But even in some circumstances you will feel things are beyond your direct control. Focus on what you can do for them and pull yourself together. It’ll all just be fine. Remember that it’s your child and u’d amazed to know that you will always have a solution.

You Don’t Get Instant Replays:

You will make mistakes and it’s a fact. But when you are with a child it’s especially harsh because you’re making so many split-second decisions that you might mess up naturally. Be calm and take a deep breath, just think it through and believe that a few mistakes won’t scar your kid for life. So apologize if it’s appropriate and move on, because your child will.


There’s No Privacy:

You need to live with the fact that you will have no privacy whatsoever. When you are a mom you can’t even use the bathroom without being interrupted. Your child can learn patience and the meaning of privacy. Give it time and build it up in him.

You have to Force Yourself to Back Off:

When your child grows older, there will come time for you to back off a bit. It will be difficult but it will be for the best. Learn to let go.


Every step you take for your child will have repercussions in the longer run. You can have a pretty excellent hint of how things are going, but you won’t know what kind of personality is brooding until your child is fully grown.

Being a perfect mom can be tough, especially when you are new at it. Here are some facts that no one might tell you about raising a child.

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