How To Decorate Your Islamic Pray Room

There must be guest rooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms, and so much more in your home, but you might never have focused on an Islamic pray room decor when it comes to your home decor tips. This is perhaps because we usually neglect Islamic home decor necessities while planning for our interior design.

The question arising in your minds might be as “Why a specific pray room when you can pray anywhere??” God never restricted us to go for a separate pray room decor!!! This question can have several answers. Let’s have a look.

  • Why a specific pray room?
  1. All Muslims have to pray five times a day. Praying activities such as daily prayers and reciting Quran collectively takes at least quarter part of a day. But we hardly allocate any room for that. A proper pray room decor is therefore essential in an Islamic home decor so that we can pray with due concentration.
  2. Home decor tips when discussed in Islamic context, need a room where you can place all the praying accessories such as praying rugs, tasbeeh (rosary), praying caps, Quran and other Islamic books so that whenever you feel like praying, you don’t have to put extra effort in collecting your required material. A pray room decor is meant to save your time that you can invest in praying, rather than arranging things again and again and then putting them away after every prayer.
  3. Prayers need concentration and privacy. A pray room decor facilitates you this way by providing you an isolated place where there is no noise and you can focus while praying and enjoy the spiritual elevation which you can’t ever think of while praying amongst the hustle and bustle of your family gathering places such as sitting room or even bed rooms.
  4. Where there are small children, they hardly allow their moms to concentrate while praying. Not only this, rather they keep popping in and spoiling the praying rugs with their shoes. In such situations going for an Islamic home decor is a blessing. pray room decor makes you avail a place where you can stay aloof from your kids and maintain the sanctity of praying place.
  5. Sometimes, when there are family get together, you can arrange for combined prayer programs such as “Jamaat” or you can arrange for Islamic get togethers where you can enjoy reciting Quran, and understanding it by discussing it with your guests. This is Sadqua -e- Jaaria. And can only be possible if you go for a pray room decor.
  • Tips for Pray room decor

Now when we have discussed the necessity of a pray room decor in an Islamic home decor context, let’s have a look at how to arrange for a pray room decor. Following are the easiest home decor tips that you can acquire.

  1. The area you require for a pray room decor should be a bit isolated from the noisy areas of your home such as family living room or TV lounge.
  2. Specify the Qibla direction before designing the pray room decor. This is a must before planning the placement of praying rugs.
  3. There should be an attached powder room for ablution. You can arrange for the sitting ablution fixtures such as sink bowl and sitting place. Such accessories are easily available in the market.
  4. There should be a clean towel and alcohol free perfumes placed in the powder room.
  5. Place the praying rugs in a symmetrical order so that you can use the space for combined prayers when needed. We recommend you to carpet the pray room from wall to wall and then place the praying rugs.
  6. According to Islamic home decor tips, It can be very useful if you arrange for decorative wall shelves for placing Quran and other Islamic books collection. Arrange for the praying corners with a special sitting arrangement laid with floor cushions and wooden racks for keeping Quran or other booklets. You can also place small tables in these corners with tasbeeh and small booklets placed on the top.
  7. When comes to pray room decor, you must place a few folding stools or elevated seats for those who can’t pray in the standing position.
  8. Arrange for an alcohol free room freshener so that there’s a fragrance all around when you pray.
  9. Place a decorative shoe rack for putting shoes on just beside the entrance of your pray room.
  10. You can arrange for Quranic verses calligraphy wall hangings for your pray room decor.
  11. An audio arrangement for listening Quran Tajweed and translation in the shape of audio books or other Islamic audio material can be a good fit for your pray room decor.

We hope that you enjoy your pray room decor this Mohharram-ul-Haram!

Being Muslims, We should go for an Islamic home decor, where there's a special pray room. Today’s home decor tips discussion caters Islamic pray room decor ideas. Let’s have a glance onto why and how to go for pray room decor!!!

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