Dirty 5-Unhygienic Habits

The idea of hygiene should be introduced to every human being as they are growing up. If you stay clean and keep your surrounding clean then you can avoid many diseases and live a healthy life.

The unhygienic habits that people have and often overlook are few but they are common among the majority of the people.

Have a look at theses 5 dirty unhygienic habits.

  • Tie Hair And Trim Nails While Cooking

When the ladies cook food they should make sure that they tie their hair up and trim their nails? Most of women are not bothered about it. Their ignorance may be because they are unaware of the consequences of the unhygienic habit. What can happen if their child or an adult in the house swallow a hair. On the other hand they wouldn’t know how many germs they cook when they use their hands which have long scary nails.

  • Picking Up A Dirty Spoon

Children should not pick up a dirty spoon and have food with it. The floor of house has all kinds of germs that come from our shoes into the house from everywhere when we step outside the house.

  • Washing Hands Before Eating

Would you want to gather all the germs from your child’s school and the play ground to be mixed with the child’s food and go into his stomach? Of course not, so make sure that your child washes his hands when he has to eat something. Children should be taught to make it a habit to wash hands every time before eating.

  • Picking Nose

Most of the little children pick their nose and then they don’t wash their nose. So all the mothers need to start cleaning their child’s nose and making sure that they leave the habit of picking the nose.

  • Brushing Teeth

Mothers should also make sure that apart from all the healthy habits; a child should be taught to have proper meals after washing hands, taking a bath every day and brushing the teeth twice a day.

The most unhygienic habits in children that should be taken care of by the mothers are listed so that the mothers get aware. These unhygienic habits can cause very bad health consequences.

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