Arrange your kitchen pantry

Pantry is a place where dishes, food, provisions or linens are kept in a supplementary capacity to the kitchen. In Victorian era, many families used separate rooms for food preparation and cleanup. Kitchen was only used for cooking purposes while food was stored in their storeroom. Pantry was only used for glassware, tableware and silverware. But now days it is used for several purposes and much more modification has been made in it.

There are many kitchen pantries which have floor to ceiling cabinetry provided with much space to store your kitchen items. Due to kitchen pantries a lot of items are kept in an organized manner and the kitchen looks cohesive. Your home becomes perfect when your kitchen is organized properly and the pantry will work for you to organize your food items and grocery.

Kitchen pantry available in different styles finishes and sets the material in an amazing tone enhancing the look of your entire kitchen. A pantry comes in wooden, stainless steel and many other different materials that you can also pick up according to your taste. Kitchens are messed up with a different variety of kitchen accessories and tools so putting these items in a systematic manner is a challenge. Beautiful pantry is a solution for all your problem. Contain your entire food items in an area with quick and easy access. A tall cabinetry pantry works as an extension of the freezer, combining dry goods and cold-icy food where as narrow depth shelves are used for extra space and coverage of all items.

The items that are used on daily basis in the kitchen are stored in the pantry. Your kitchen items in an irregular manner often give a negative impression on your guests. Efficient food storage in beautiful pantry gives an impressive look to all your things at all times.

Customized pantry

If you want to customize your pantry then one thing should be kept in mind. Shelves should be deep about 6 – 9 inches in order to keep your entire stock in a proper manner and in easy access. Sometimes jars and bottles could not easily be put in narrow and deep shelves. Pantries with door shelves have increased the storage area for your items.

Tricks for organized pantry

Making a list of inventory that you stock in pantry can help a lot to keep a track of your items. Keep a pen or sticky notes in pantry and easily categorize or classify your pantry i.e. arrange them according to their colors. For example if you are looking for tomato sauce, you know to check it against the red color. Store heavy items on the nearest shelves and avoid putting stress on your back. The things that you want to keep away from children could be put in the upper most cabinet and that which is most commonly used in the front shelf.

Install an adjustable wire underneath the shelves and put an organizer on the door of pantry for spices. In a slide out basket always put heavy items that are easily removed and accessed. Removable shelves are also there in the pantry for flexibility.

Install lightning in the cabinet to make them useful during dark. Windows can also be added but be sure that they are sealed because dry pantry is much better for food preservation. The pantry that contains the things like oil, spices and other ingredients should be put next to your stove and oven. This will help you for your food preparation because the things will then be handy and organized.

Efficient use of space is necessary in small pantry. Cereal, pasta and beans could be filled in clear plastic bottles or bags for easy recognition.

An elegant style creates an organized look. Neat presentation is essential pantry gives off an eligible look when anyone opens the door. Pantry looks presentable and clean with efficient placement of accessories, food and cookware on the shelves. Built in pantries give beautiful and impressive look to your kitchen.

Every woman dreams of having a perfectly well-organized pantry where everything is in place; but organizing it a herculean task. Let us show you how you can keep things in order.

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