A Guide to Kitchen Cleaning for Kids

Kitchen is the widely used area of a house and the main area of cooking and eating food. We can also say that kitchen is the heart of a house. When kids work in the kitchen they usually make mess and don’t know how to clean the kitchen. Kitchen is the place which requires rigorous routine for cleaning to prevent the dissemination of germs and illness. It is vital to train the kids about the cleaning of kitchen. Here are some best kitchen cleaning ideas for kids to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. 

The first and most important point about cleaning the kitchen is that kids must wash each and every utensil wether it is a plate or spoon before using it. It will keep kids and all family members away from germs.

Don’t let your kitchen fill with utensils. Wash and clean every utensil as you use it. It will help you to not delay your work and you will also learn to do every task on time. Always dry the utensils with a clean and soft piece of cloth before putting them on their right places.

If you are cutting vegetables and fruits wash them first and use cutting board. Keep one thing in mind to always use separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. And always try to give your kids plastic cutting boards as they are non porous and more resistant to bacterial attack.

It is also important to clean the cabinets from inside and also clean cabinets from outside to remove dust on daily basis. Keep all kitchen accessories and items in order in drawers and cabinets. For cleaning kitchen, kids should also clean the handles of cabinets, refrigerators, drawers.

After having meal, gather all used utensils and place them in the sink. Clean the dining table with a piece of cloth or sponge. Do remember to use separate sponge to cleaning dishes and wiping other surfaces.

Remember to wipe the counter top after every food preparation. For kids, it can be harmful for using chemicals for cleaning the counter surface. So vinegar is the best solution for this. Leave vinegar for almost one minute on the counter top and then wipe. It will remove all grease from the counter surface.

Keep the trash can lid closed to prevent from the spreading of smell, bacteria and insects. Always keep a waste paper bag in the trash bin because it makes the cleaning of trash bin easy. And it is necessary to wash trash bin once a week with hot water to remove foul smell and bacteria.

Try to dry mop or vacuum your kitchen floor for removing the dust. It is helpful in removing dust from the kitchen floor. Keep doormats at every door to reduce dirt from foot traffic.  

Lastly, keep the sink clean. Wipe your sink with sponge after every use. For best result, rinse thoroughly and dry it with soft cloth which will help in preventing soap scum. It is vital to deep clean your sink once a week. For deep clean empty your sink from utensils and plug the drain.

Regular maintenance of kitchen keeps drains free of build up. Fill the sink with hot water and use vinegar and baking soda to foam away grease in the kitchen drains. I must say that kids would not mind to do this weekly task as it is like an experiment for them. Sprinkle ¼ cup of baking soda and pour one cup of vinegar in hot water and leave it for one hour. Once the bubbling subsides, they just rinse the drain with water. It will also help in removing stubborn stains from the sink.

These are the basic, simple and easiest ways for kids in keeping a kitchen clean and free from harmful germs, insects and diseases.

I would suggest you some ideas for kids to cleaning the kitchen. These ideas are simple and basic that every kid must know to clean a space that is getting in much use.

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