3 Tips On Talking To Kids About Scary News

The world is full of harsh realities. Cruelty, terrorism, target killing, hurricanes and violence etc is common nowadays. Such frightening news has become the part of daily life but it may make kids frightening. Every parent tries to preserve the innocence of their kids as long as possible. They try to protect them from frightening stories that happens in the surrounding or in the world. In the era of internet and TV, it is however impossible. These are the serious issues that can make your kid afraid.

It is difficult to take out the kids from such scary happenings. But parents should deal them with love and should deliver as much truth as a child needs to know. When any horrifying event happens, parents have to face a number of questions from their kids. How will you explain scary events before your kids while making your child feel safe?  There are three tips that will help you to talk with your kids about scary news and help you to take them out of the situation.

1. Refrain from watching news:

Refrain from watching news channels either on TV or other electronic media, when kids are nearby. When any scary event occurs then you must turn off the news when kids are nearby. It is easy and simple way that your kids don’t hear any tragic news. It is imperative that children hear scary news in moderation when you are watching news. Also keep away newspapers and magazines which carry scary images. As any tragic event occurs, you should talk to them about the happening with love.

As you know that News channels and newspapers especially front page are published to catch the attention of targeted audience. Harsh and complicated language is used to describe any event. So turn off any news medium and make your kids realize about the event in your own simple language. Tell them only basic information. A parent should deliver as much news as a child needs to know. A parent who address these issues can correct the misconceptions that child may have.

2. Let your kids ask questions:

Kids are curious about new things. When any tragic event occurs, let them ask you questions. As parents, you must answer all of his questions carefully without making him more frightening. Be ready to clarify anything he needs. Your each answer should make him satisfy. Never make them feel bad about being scared. Let him know that his feelings have sense. It is normal to feel what they are feeling now. The only remedy for the fear is trust. Only the parents can convince him as parents are approachable and reassuring. 

3. Use it as teaching model:

You can give this discussion a new way by using teaching terms. You can use any tragic news as a teaching model. Discuss with your kids about to help the needy and helpless people at the time of tragic event. You can produce a sense of helping others at the time of need. It will make them feel better rather than scary. Kids may gain a sense of control and feel more secure after any tragic event, if you help them to find the ways to help those affected as result of tragedy.

When any scary event occurs, kids are affected the most. It can be difficult job to handle your kid at the time of any tragedy. It is impossible for parents to keep their kids away from listening to such scary news due to advancement in electronic media.

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