Maestros of Fashion – Autumn/Winter Collection 2012 by Nabeel & Aqeel

Nabeel & Aqeel The most famous duo in fashion know flawlessly well how to perfectly mix style, quality and Luxury and blend them into modern yet classic collection. Their work is enriched with traditionalism, minimalism and contemporary trends to satisfy men who want to stand out and to be recognized by his fashion and style.

Nabeel & Aqeel celebrated their 13th year in fashion at the inauguration of Nabeel & Aqeel’s new store in Islamabad at “Modeville” this January with a star-studded fete, it became spectacularly clear that the Nabeel & Aqeel Winter 2012 Men collection is tribute to that typically Italian sense of elegance which plays down tradition with a playful sense of self assurance that is typical of people who know the rules, and who can take liberty of rearranging them to build an image that is exclusively personal, unique, imbued with personality.

According to Aqeel, the Look of their winter collection 2012 for Men represents “Super elegance for the man who wants to blend the avant-garde with his own personal style”. And they have focused on the customer who is in Aqeel’s words “A stylish man who looks for a recognizable but never extreme fashion. He is not a fashion victim but fashion conscious. He expects a good relationship between quality and price.

The duo is definitely turning to traditional Italian suiting culture. “For Men Suits & Blazers we take inspiration from Italian timeless styling” explains Nabeel. “The Italian style is, essentially, a typical classic and normal cut,” he adds, pointing out that it’s the cut that’s emphasized in Italian tailoring. But the brand has experimented beyond conservative Italian cuts — the modern line more suited for young clients: “We’ve got a tuxedo’s, slim lapel and peak lapel to go with our variety of shirts in super fine fabrics.”Not too steeply priced either, a good, suit in Italian wool blend fabric can come for Rs 12,990 and above up to Rs 16,990.

The collection’s flexibility is immediately apparent; from the selection of fabric, stitching and amazing cuts. Nabeel & Aqeel have made its mark through untiring creativity, passion and dedication for high quality clothing. The combinations of silk ties and patterns are very chic and classic; some ties are patterned with circles, lines and other traditional patterns. The quality of Nabeel & Aqeel tie is no doubt the best in local brands and you can compare it with quality and styling of Hugo boss or Canali.

Especially the extra ordinary finesse in formal & casual shirts stitched in a typical Italian style attracted instant attention of buyers and appreciation of fashion lovers and the price is too good to be true from Rs 1,990 upto Rs 2,990. Even the Leather Jackets are extra ordinary in styling and designs, the quality of leather is AA plus, the stiching, finesse the quality and styles are unique and practical. Jackets are very well finished and have a typical Ferragamo look.

They are priced at Rs 7,990 up to Rs 15,990. I must say the shoe collection by Nabeel & Aqeel is at par with any top European shoe brand, with its presentation, styling and designs. The super styled Italian inspired shoe collection ranges between Rs 4,990 to Rs 6,990. Featuring lace ups, moccasins, loafers and penny loafers.

The Nabeel & Aqeel brand speaks volumes for itself: a very well balanced collection indeed.  In Nabeel’s words “The Nabeel & Aqeel Man expresses a style of Luxury that is outside the box, one that is free, selective and demanding, for men who choose their clothes not to amaze or pander to the rules of others, but to please himself”.

The catalogue of Nabeel & Aqeel winter collection is balanced, well-executed and sharp just as any top international brand. Finally we have a brand which is taking Pakistan’s good name in the high quality international fashion market soon.  

Famous duo Nabeel & Aqeel fetch their latest Autumn/Winter Collection 2012 that speaks about the super elegance and timeless grooming for men.

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