Why Fatima Effendi Rejects Bollywood film Offer

With a developing number of Pakistani on-screen characters setting foot in Bollywood, Fatima Effendi’s choice to turn down an offer from over the fringe may come as a shock to numerous.

The TV on-screen character was as of late drew nearer to star in a film by Bollywood filmmaker Anees Bazmee of Singh is Kinng notoriety, yet dismisses the part as it obliged her to show up in a striking symbol. She is very particular about her roles and the character she plays.

The actress  has been receiving offers from Bollywood and Lollywood  movies, but feels working in film and television are two entirely different things. “Although I want to work in films, working in commercial ones isn’t my cup of tea. I’d prefer working in art films,” she noted.

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Fatima shared the filmmaker called her and narrated the movie’s story, after assessing the details, she refused the role, citing how she wouldn’t do anything that’d be a “source of shame for Pakistan and her family.”

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Maintaining my family’s respect is more important than working in a Bollywood film” She further added.

When asked about the project proposal and script, she said, “Anees Bazmee called me and praised my drama serial and asked me to work in his film. I asked him about the story and the character I’d portray, but refused to sign the movie because it required me to play a bold character.

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I’ve never faced any restrictions from my family about working in Bollywood movies, but I’ve always known my limits. That’s why I never do anything that may be shameful for me or my family”.

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Fatima Effendi’s decision to turn down an offer from across the border may come as a surprise to many.

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