Twilight – Movie Review

This blockbuster vampire chronicle is adopted from novelist Stephenie Meyer’s masterpiece. Director Catherine Hardwicke had done an impressive job, capturing every actor’s emotion in the finest possible way. The storyline and screenplay gets you into the theme, giving a natural feel.

The story begins with 17 year old Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) who moves to another town with her father and new step-mother. New town means new surroundings, new school and making new friends. At her school, she meets Edward Cullen (remarkably played by Robert Pattinson) and an extraordinary attraction builds up between the two. Edward, who looks no more than 17, is infact 108 years old vampire.

Edward, unlike the rest of the aggressive nomadic vampires, drinks blood of animals. Oddly, he introduces Bella t his vampire family. Soon the news of Edward and Bella’s newfound passion spread like forest fire in the vampire world. When hardcore vampires James, Victoria, and Laurent hear about this odd relationship, they develop a more monstrous interest in Bella.

Will Edward succeed in the quest for protecting the love of his life from the fans of theses evil demons or will the villains spell the end for this beautiful bond and perhaps Bella herself?

 So far yet, Twilight has successfully earned an impressive $187 million dollars at world wide box office and the count continues.

This vampire love tale is sure to make you fix in your seat till the last scene.

Another bequest of blockbusters begins at the box office, with Twilight, out in the cinemas. Twilight is a film sure to make your heart stop beating and deepen your interest.

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