Janhvi Kapoor Talks about Khushi Kapoor and her dating the same person

Janhvi Kapoor has heard and read enough gossip and rumors about her since she joined the industry. Well, that is the dark side of Bollywood. Recently, the actress spoke about the worse rumor she has heard about her date and that is that both she and her sister Khushi Kapoor dated the same person at one point or another.

Janhvi Kapoor made her debut in Bollywood in 2018 with the film ‘Dhadak’ alongside Ishaan Khatter. Now, Khushi Kapoor is all set to make her debut with the OTT film ‘The Archies next year. Over the years, Janhvi’s love life has been a matter of speculation, even if she has refused to deny or confirm any relationship. But now, she has denied one relationship rumor.

 (Photo: Janhvi Kapoor/Instagram)

In a recent interview, Janhvi was asked about the worst thing she has heard about herself to date and the ‘GoodLuck Jerry’ actress responded, “That I was dating Akshat Rajan, who is my childhood best friend, and then I broke up with him and now Khushi is dating him.” Later, she clarified that neither she nor Khushi has ever dated Akshat who is their childhood friend. She said, “None of us ever dated him. He has just been our best friend since we were babies.”

Here is a cute picture of the two sisters.

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