Feeha Jamshed gets publicity for playing the house-breaker

Feeha Jamshed, the very talented Pakistani fashion designer daughter of the very talented Pakistani fashion designer Tanvir Jamshed has taken Pakistani fashion industry by storm. This young Pakistani fashion designer has been fresh breeze for Pakistani fashion with her unique sense of style and her very experimental approach to Pakistani fashion. The very recent Pakistan Fashion Week had this young Pakistani fashion designer playing a very important role. She showcased and wowed everyone with the display of fashion creativity but still managed to conform to Pakistani fashion standards. This young and dynamic Pakistani fashion designer inherited her father’s Pakistani fashion designers seat so many say she got it all easy. However that is not true; since she managed to grown on the already established name to surprise of many.

This fresh Pakistani fashion designer has not given the Pakistani fashion industry to complain at least not at the fashion level. There have been rumors that this much admired Pakistani fashion designer has been up to some not so admired stuff in personal matters. No one has been able to establish if there is any truth to the rumors that are doing rounds in the Pakistani fashion industry but we do hope there is not. This young fashion designer is being accused of some nasty meddling and playing a role in breaking certain homes.

Feeha Jamshed is respected as heir to TeeJays. However, if the rumors are true then this respect could be short lived.

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