Asad Tareen Talks about Launch of The Designers Store in Dubai

Asad Tareen, CEO of The Designers Multi Brand Store in Dubai featuring leading designers from Pakistan displaying their latest collection in fashion, jewelry and accessories. The Designers Multi Brand Store is Karachi’s premier multi brand store stocking some well known fashion designers in the country. 

What are you looking forward to with the launch of The Designers in Dubai?

There isn’t a proper Pakistani platform for designers in Dubai and this is in part of our expansion plan to open a multi brand store with only Pakistani designers abroad. My store will be more Pakistani designers so we will be taking stock from here and focus on Dubai. We are taking top name designers with us for the opening of the store.

Which designers will you be stocking with you in Dubai?

The designers that will be available in the Dubai store such as Umar Sayeed, Ayesha Hashwani, Rizwan Beyg, Kamiar Rokni, Sonya Batla, Mehdi, Aeisha Versey, Mina Hassan, Nomi Ansari, Wardha Saleem, Mohsin Ali, Body Focus Museum, Zainab Sajid as well as Umsha and Nida Ali. Most of the designer we have already been stocking in the Pakistan stores.

Before deciding on opening in Dubai, did you research the fashion market in Dubai?

Yes I did my homework and I felt that there is no proper platform for Pakistani designers to keep their products in stores there. So I wanted my store to be focusing on the main Pakistani designers.

Why did you choose Dubai?

Dubai is very multi cultural, there are people from all over the world. I think its more challenging, it’s the best way you can fit your design experience in the international market so we aren’t just covering on segment of clients. People from Europe, America and India along with our own Pakistani clients can all access Pakistani designers. We can get a hands on experience from the international market and see what their requirement is and how the market behaves. It’s going to be a great stepping stone for many of our designers with us to launch themselves properly internationally.

Where is the Dubai store located?

It’s located near Red Diamond Building near Emirates Hills.

What are you looking forward to most by taking designers to the international market?

The main thing we look forward to when taking a new designer on board, or even an established designer, is their creativity. If they can come up with a new collection that is creative and unique it will cater to different clients.

This launch is going to be a platform for Pakistani designers to showcase their label in Dubai. Usually Pakistani designers go abroad only to showcase their collection at fashion shows, and there is not a permanent place for them to stock their outfits. This will give an opportunity to all the designers to cater to the Pakistanis who are living there as well opening to a new market.

What will you be stocking in Dubai?

We will be starting with prêt wear. With the labels we are stocking we will be focusing on fusion designs which will keep Pakistani cultural element in tact with western cuts. This will make the designs open to desi clients as well as European and foreigners who will want to purchase Pakistani designs. We will not just be targeting the desi population, we will be targeting westerners as well as Emirati locals so that is why we are asking designers to design their collections so that we can cater to a larger population.

Asad Tareen, the CEO of The Designers Multi Brand Store reveals his plans of launching The Designers in Dubai, in an exclusive interview with Fashion Central.

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