Aliha Chaudry Gorgeous Emerging Singer talks to Fashion Central

• Full name: Aliha Chaudry

• Date of birth: 3rd march

• Most influential person: my parents

• Residence area:  Lahore 

• Your hobbies: Music, watching interesting TV series, travelling and reading magazines sometimes.

• Favorite food: Italian cuisine

• Your wildest dream: Haha, I don’t have any as yet..I’m not much of an adventurous person..

• Biggest achievement: Hmm, interesting. Parents support and their love through thick and thin

• Biggest weakness: impatience

• Biggest strength: Hard work

• Favorite song: "November rain", "guns n roses" and "Main Jahan Rahoon" Rahat Fateh Ali

• Nickname: Alz and Nonie

• Biggest goal: well, let’s see. I am not really a planner

2. Describe yourself and your personality.

I am hard working, passionate about my work, deep thinker, impatient sometimes, animal lover, humble.

3. How many projects have you done so far? Which is your personal favorite?

I’ve done quite a few projects. My favorite has to be Sanuek Pal.

4. Any upcoming projects from your side?

Yes, I just recently released a cover of Aashiqui 2. chahoun main Yaa Naa and I’m releasing another song in a few months which my dear friend has composed for me. It’s a romantic song.

5. How did you started getting involved in music and when?

I was always passionate about music but I started my career as a TV host. I used to sing songs in college, school and even when I was working as a TV host. Friends and family encouraged me to take it to a commercial level. I gave it a shot and now here I am =]

6. What did you aspire to become in your childhood?

Honestly, I don’t remember but I think maybe a teacher hahahaaha. Because I used to do mimicry of my teachers at home with my siblings. That is something I thoroughly enjoyed so I guess I wanted to become a teacher lol.

7. Which singer / band would you like collaborating with in future?

hmm, interesting… collaborating with the band "black eyed peas"… I would love to collaborate with them

8. What is different about your music, why should people listen to it?

’cause it specifically targets the youth, It’s fresh and different.

9. What is the best thing about your career?

The best thing about musical career is if you love music and you’re passionate about it, you’d enjoy every minute and every second of it.

10. Which song of yours is most popular and why?

"Sanuek pal" is the most popular till date, it was on top charts. Well, I can’t really answer why. I think you should ask the people who appreciated it and gave it so much love.

11. Anything you’d like to say to the readers?

I would like to say to everyone reading that life is too short to live in misery, get up, do what you love, never give up, never lose hope. Life is like a roller coaster ride…so enjoy it while it lasts

12. Where do you see yourself in the next 10-15 years?

Like I said I’m not much of a planner. So let’s see 🙂

13. Do you try to give messages in your songs? And if so, what are they?

Not really. I make the kind of music I love so if somebody wants to take a message out of it. Good enough but I think music has no language. If it sounds good and melodious to your ears and your fans are appreciating your music, people like it then your job as a musician is done.

Interviewed by: Eisha

Aliha Chaudry is a gorgeous new Pakistani emerging singer. Before her career as a singer, Aliha was a TV show host, Aliha Chaudry talks to Fashion Central in an exclusive interview.

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