2010 colours for fabric

Summer trend 2010 is all about nature which inspires a rich, soft materiality. Like the valuable fullness of furs, high-class fabric volumes create a cozy feel in summer trend 2010. Brilliantly warm shades and dusty tones offer the basis for tone-in-tone looks with tough surface contrasts in summer trend 2010. Pastel-like accents stand for womanliness. Hairy overcoat qualities are declined by means of light flannels to translucent crêpes. A sturdy center is put on mélange optics and color shadings this summer trend 2010. Velvets in fabric sensitively translate soft pastels. Lace makes the fabric seductive fancies in the appearance.


For summer trend 2010 folk, hippie and arty worlds flow into all other. With multihued fabric stimulation, the color series lives from influential impulses. Extraordinary associations of cold/warm contrasts create tension and new color sounds in fabric. Multi-colored tweeds and multi-colored checks provide colored fabrics with a new tempo. Recycled yarns make random effects in fabric in this summer trend 2010. Folk and neo-hippie prints illustrate their colors. Ultra-lightweight techniques and colored denims are made for sportsmanship.


Mysterious forests are full of surprising creatures and are one inspiration for summer trend 2010. The feathers of the birds, the markings of the furs play with a palette of warm brown and vegetal green tones in the fabric in market nowadays.

Fabric is an important element of fashion and this summer the trends are hip yet elegant with a blend of nature with rock!

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