Wooden Stacked Heels Shoe

• History of Heeled Shoes:

Concept of wooden stacked heels shoe has been around for centuries. Initially, fashion historians used to prefer a moderate heel, as it was more comfortable to wear, offering ankle support and making it easier to walk longer distances.However, the idea of increasing the heel dramatically was adoptedlong ago from Ancient Egypt.

This transformation of wooden stacked heels shoe made the footwear more distinguished, along with added height. Nowadays, these modern wooden stacked heels shoe are designed specifically for young girls and working women, and they are considered to be a desirable addition in their footwear variety

• Uniqueness of Heeled Shoes:

Modern wooden stacked heels shoe differs greatly in style and design, as compared to other contemporary footwear brands. It ranges from wooden wedges to stilettos. Wedges are usually made with extremely large, solid heels, and sometimes cover the entire sole. These wooden stacked heels shoe are also known as platform heels, and they may feature elevating wedges under the toe area as well. However, stilettos offer very slender heels, making them difficult to balance on and walk with.

• Classical Stack Heels:

Another unique feature of wooden stacked heels shoe is its stack heel. A stack heel is a specific type of women shoe that has an exclusive design element at the back, which increases heel height and offers a taller look. These wooden stacked heels shoe are artistically pleasing to wear, as they can change the way you move and walk.

Stack heels are distinguished by their heavier and denser look, and their greater degree of comfort, as compared to other heeled shoes. Women can comfortably wear these wooden stacked heels shoe on casual and formal occasions both.

• Heel Height:

The height of the wooden stacked heels shoe can vary quite widely. Unlike stilettos, which are usually associated with very tall heels, stack heels can provide relatively little lift. They can also feature extraordinarily long heels, although the longer the heel, the more potential discomfort. Somewooden stacked heels shoe does not have elevating platforms under the frontal region of the foot. The heel height of wooden stacked heels shoe usually varies from 3-9 inches, for wedges and stilettos, both varieties. 

• Heel Design:

The wooden stacked heels shoe offers a supportive footwear base to the feet and ankles. The shoe has curvy lines and elegance. The heel is slightly flared up from the bottom to the base of the boot. The part of the wooden stacked heels shoe that touches the ground is usually thick to provide sturdy support.Stacked heel shoes are commonly made from laminated wood slices.

Wooden stacked heels shoe design has several layers of wood stacked on top of each other and fused together to form the heel. The heel is generally round from back and flat on the inner side. Common colors of wooden stacked heels shoe are usually brown or beige, designed to give the impression of thin layers of wood that have been stacked up to create a flat, wedge or high heel.

• Footwear Comfort:

The versatile wooden stacked heels shoe can be worn with everything from jeans, tights, trousers to any stylish, groovy and trendy summer dress. A distinctive feature of wooden stacked heels shoe is its level of comfort. The wooden heels have a stronger grip as compared to metallic or rubber heels. The wooden stacked heels shoe makes the best footwear care. Be it the wedges having a broader wooden sole or stilettos having slim and slender heels, these wooden stacked heels shoe can be carried comfortably with any attire and can make you look glamorous.

• Shoe Styles:

The wooden stacked heels shoe comes in several styles, ranging from boots, sandals, and pumps etc. Stacked heels generally create a nice laid back appearance. Women can easily pair them with any attire they want. Nowadays, stacked heels are considered to be one of the most desired items of women footwear.

Women of today’s modern era are always keen to experiment with their attire and shoes to make a unique fashion statement of their own. They choose different footwear brands and styles to add glamour and appeal to their personality. One of such trendy fo

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