Still the Clock: Tips to Slow the Aging Signs

Everyone has to go through aging process and it is natural but you can do some measures to prevent your skin. Anti aging is also another form of eating well and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Happy and stress free life is the best way you can deal with aging process.

There are many tips which slow down the aging process and they are actually effective. 

  1. When you take meal, eat only those foods which have more amount of protein in them. Eat food like egg whites and fish. Eat fresh cottage cheese, milk and even chicken as it is full of proteins. Fish is full of omega 3 which is very vital for the body.  One must also take care of the fact that eats those foods which have low fat in them. 

  2. Drink a lot of green tea or milk peptide. They are really effective for skin and they also relax you a bit. 

  3. Don’t take stress because this can damage your body to a great extent. Make sure that you have life full of love and get rids of things which make you hurt. Also the best thing is that practice stress reliving exercise such as yoga and swimming. 

  4. Vegetables are the best food for skin. It is also proven that toxins which are in processed food fasten your aging process so eat lot of fresh vegetables. Vegetables are high in fiber, it makes the skin soft.

  5. Don’t eat too much sugar; avoid it as much as you can. Sugar also reduces your life span.

    Ageing face changes

  6. It is very important how your skin look like, so apply moisturizer according to the weather. It will keep your skin hydrated and soft. Get the moisturizer which suits your skin type

  7. Don’t raise your eye brows too much because it leads to wrinkles. Tell your daughters from now that don’t raise them too much just keep them clean.

  8. The most important tip is to get good and proper sleep. When you sleep well you can see how fresh your skin looks. Sleep early and rise early is the best principle to slow down the aging process. 

  9. It is very important to wear sun block whenever you go out of home. Sun block can save the skin from harmful sun rays which damage the skin most. Sun is the biggest factor which leads to aging process. Wear sun block half hour before you go out of home. 

  10. You all know, smoking is injurious to health. Smoking makes you look older and it shorten your life span too. If you want to live fully without the fear of aging than quit smoking. 

  11. Vitamin D is very effective against the process of aging. Take vitamins D supplements with the advice of doctor.

  12. Eat lots of fruit; they are best thing to eat. It is free of any side effects and they are full of anti-oxidants. Eat fruits which are full of vitamins like oranges and all other citrus fruit. 

  13. Water is vital for skin. Drink as much clean water you can. Water is a blessing of GOD. Water hydrates your skin and it flushes the entire toxin from the body. Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. 

  14. Olive oil is very healthy and appetizing oil. It is best for heart and it also fights against anti aging. Eat lots of salads and pour little olive in it. 

  15. Eat healthy to live healthy. Fight against anti aging and eat lots of nuts. Nuts are perfect to eat anytime and it is also full of calories. 

  16. There are many studies which tell us that do not drink too much milk and eat too much yogurt as all the diary products leads skin to aging. 

  17. Avoid all the processed juice and artificial.

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Aging process is natural but one can do precautionary measures to delay it. Make sure you have a life in which you eat all the raw and natural things and other than that you need to have a stress free life.

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