Skin Care In Monsoon

After bearing extreme heat of the sun, tans, sweat and sunburns, monsoon comes as a sign of relief. Every season has its own pros and cons and it is up to us to embrace it and make the best use of it.  Monsoon is a season of freshness and in the enjoyment of rains beauty tips are forgotten for sometimes. In intermittent rains, you may feel some easiness with your skin.

Though rain drops are sign of relief and bring smile on face of everyone, it also brings skin related problems like greasy skin, rashes, acne, itching and so on. Monsoon is the time when we are in utmost need to take care of your skin.

It is equally important to take care of your skin as you do in every season. It has proven that little changes in your skin care regimen can have a positive impact on your skin during monsoon season. Here I share simplified skin care tips that will help you to glow throughout the season.

For your skin care the first and most important step is to cleanse your face daily with a soap free cleanser and also make use of gentle scrub according to your skin type. It is vital to apply scrub once in a day to get rid of dead cells. Use face wash which has natural fruits extracts and free from controversial chemicals. After washing your face always use a toner each time to close the pores and restore your skin’s pH balance. 

During monsoon, people have dry skin may experience more dryness in their skin because wetting in the rain have a dehydrating effect on skin. For dry skin, cleanse your skin with a facewash which is soap free as it does not dry out skin. You can also make atoner in your home by adding few drops of honey in two tablespoon of milk. It hydrates your skin. For dry skin, crush almonds and mix it with honey to make paste. Massage this paste on your face for about five minutes and then rinse off it with warm water.

People with oily skin have to suffer a lot during monsoon season. The oil secretion and sweat are deposited on skin and skin is more prone to bacteria and dirt and results in blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts and painful pimples. Use oil control cleanser that controls the oil secretion and cleanse the pores.

To retain pH of your skin apply alcohol free toner. For oily skin make a mixture of oil and rose water and you can use any oil of your choice. Apply this mixture as a moisturizer on your skin and then rinse off with cold water after ten minutes.

Walking in rainy water can lead to various types of fungal infections which can affect your nails and toes. Always wash your feet and keep them dry and clean. Make sure that your feet are dry when you are wearing shoes.

Though it is raining, it does not mean to reduce the consumption of water and drink 8 to 10 glass of water regularly. Your skin is thirstier than you in all seasons.

Monsoon with its cool showers and winds surely gives us relief from scorching summer heat but it also brings a number of skin woes. Monsoon is the time when your skin requires extra care.

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