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Is it the time of the year when you have to walk down that aisle. The walk has to be comfortable and perfect. December maybe is the perfect time to get married because you can feel the warmth of hitching into a new relationship.

The perfect first walk towards your groom has to be in a perfect pair of winter wedding shoes. In winters get your hands on the warm and lovely looking heels. The most stunning pair would be the one that suits your style and compliments your wedding dress.

Lace on Shoes:

The beautiful lace on shoes is the new it thing. The eye-catching material comes in various different shoes. The shoe can be embellished or have a nice red or gold colour. Make sure it fits into your feet perfectly.

The vintage inspired court shoes with glittery lace with some stones and beads can be eye-catching and stunning.

bridal shoes

You definitely want the big day’s Cinderella shoes to be perfect for you because in this fairy tale of yours you don’t want to go wrong with the shoes.

Suede Shoes:

high heels

Suede is the winter material but the question is if it would be the winter bridal sort of a material. The amazing crystal and suede in nude colours can simply make your day brighter than it already is. It doesn’t matter if you buy court shoes or peep-toes but make sure you don’t go wrong with the colour and the suede. Winter bridal shoes can be nudes and subtle coloured.

The Heel:

ladies shoes

If you are not the one who can have the perfect cat walk in heels. While you walk down that aisle, this winter do not let yourself down by wearing high heels. Winter is all about warmth and comfort. A sweet low heel satin and lace embellished shoe that goes perfect with the dress and makes your feet feel out of this world then just go for it.


Leather shoes

Leather is the winter material but if it’s a bridal shoe think twice before you go for it. The unpredictable wet weather can demand for the leather shoes. But know that the leather shoes should be soft and feminine with a subtle colour, soft ribbon and some embellishment. Some ladies might want the shoe to be cosy so leather will be the perfect material for them.

Leather and no heel is something no bride would want because it is her day and she wants everything exaggerated. The brides with a nice tall figure might also go for perfect flats but the embellishment of the shoe has to be amazing to compensate for no heel.

Nudes, Golds and Silvers:

high heel shoes

The perfect winter bridal shoes would be vintage-inspired, nice beautiful ribbons and subtle colours. To complete your winter bridal look you need to have the amazing pair of heels with the nude, gold or silver according to the outfit you are wearing.

The ladies who can flaunt those high heels should get the look of a disco-inspired platform heels. Heels or no heels let the perfect pair of shoes have the wedding embellishment. The lace, ribbons, beads and stones, the contemporary vintage look is the new modern this winter. The nudes, golds and silvers will go perfectly with even the eastern traditional bright red, green and colourful colours.

This winter the brides have to keep in mind that the pair of shoes they wear have to be a fusion of modern and traditional trend. The fusion of eastern and western style is the new in thing. On the other hand fashion is everything that suits you and keeps you comfortable.

The winter bridal pair of shoes has to be flawless and the perfect pair would be the one that complements your dress.

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