How To Keep Your Nails Strong While Washing Utensils

Nails are important part of body which makes your hands to look beautiful and healthy. Majority of women have longer finger nails and some have short nails. I heard many ladies saying that nails become brittle after working in water especially after washing dishes. Do you have the same problem?

People who have their hands in water several times a day are particularly susceptible to problems with fingernails. Adequate nail care is vital for preventing frustrating nail problems and for achieving healthy and stronger nails. It is very simple to keep your nails strong while washing utensils. Protect your nails from repeatedly chipping or breaking with a variety of simple ways to grow stronger fingernails.

I must suggest you to keep your finger nails short. The longer your finger nails are, the more susceptible they are to breaking, chipping, snagging and getting bent. Short nails don’t have to constantly try to survive being chipped on surfaces or being bent which helps them stay stronger.

Detergents that you use for washing utensils usually are drying to skin. Use hand care to protect your nails as moisturizer is an important part of nail care. Moisturize your hands immediately after washing dishes since your nails have been in water thus they can absorb the moist more easily. You must keep a bottle of any moisturizer next to the sink of your kitchen as a reminder.

Mostly household chores are associated with work in water. The best solution to avoid breaking of nails is to wear gloves while washing dishes. To protect your digits from dirt and harsh cleaners cover your hands with rubber gloves whenever it is time of working in water. Rubber gloves will effectively protect your nails from absorbing large amount of water during the course of the daily routine. And to add extra softness to your hands apply hand moisturizing lotion or cream before you put on the rubber gloves.

Leave your hands dry for at least two minutes after working in water. Leaving your nails damp every time increases the risk of fungal infection.   

Nails need moisture just like your hands do. Rub lotion on to your nails when moisturizing your hands. Be sure to moisturize your nails each time after washing your hands. The nails are less likely to break or split if they are kept moisturized.

Don’t forget to apply lotion on your hands before going to bed. Olive oil and almond oil from your cupboard can help you hands and nails to nourish.

Massage your fingernails to improve blood circulation around your nails several times a day. You should use petroleum jelly for a double boost of your nails strength. Massaging or oiling of nails for 25 to 20 minutes is vital and make your nails shiny, healthy and strong. After soaking, you can massage the oil well into your nails so that your skin can absorb more easily.

Oil soaking is the best remedy for getting strong nails after washing dishes. It is wonderful for treating dry nails and strengthen your nails and cuticles, softening them and provide them proper amount of moisturize they need.

Nails are now a fashion statement. Beauty of hands is totally dependent upon healthy and strong nails. But due to work in water, nails become dry and make your hands to look ugly. Now, you don’t have to be worry about your nails. Make your nails stronge

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