Eye Make-up styles that Every Girl Should Know

Eye Makeup give you an entire new look. You can enhance your looks with the help of Eye Makeup. You may be used to one style of doing it. And looking for doing it in a different way but cannot find the solution to this problem. Stun others by your dashing looks of eye makeup styles. Let us have a look on different styles:

How to apply the eye MakeUp:

1. To look perfect, first of all look at the eye shape. 
2. Then decide appropriate color for the eye shade.
3. Think about the application patterns. 
4. Then blend the eye shade properly. 
5. Eye shades should be applied properly so that they can give an amazing look. 

Eye color that you are going to apply usually depends on your personal preferences, costume and the outfit you are wearing. Don’t just follow others blindly because it looks good on someone else is not a necessary condition that it will look good on you as well. So, be cautious while blindly following others’ eye makeup styles.

Eye shadows for different Eye colors:

1. Brown Eyes:

If you have brown eyes, you should feel lucky because you can easily apply any shade of eye-shadow. Attempt either green eye-shadow, ruddy brown or pink shades. In other words you can apply any color you want for varied eye makeup styles. Brown is the color that emerges with the blend of different colors. It can go up with any other color and give a perfect look.

2. Blue Eyes:

If you want your eyes to pop and look glittering, decide on earth tones. Different colors that work awesome with blue are: brown, gold, peach, pink, slight purple or some gray shades. For an extraordinary event you can use these shades to enhance your eye color which may include cold pink or even metallic hues like silver or gold. With your blue eyes, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from the green or blue colored eye-shadows. 

3.  Green Eyes:

Adds intensity to your eyes and you should take a attempt at wearing different purple shades like: lilac, violet or plum. To enhance your look in eye makeup styles, apply intensive plum eyeshadow toward the external edges and lighter shade of purple towards the inner side of eye. For highlighting your eyes for the night, gold and copper are incredible choices.

Different types of Eye Makeup that you can apply

Natural Eye Makeup Look:

Do you want to add somewhat different and natural to a regular look without drawing a lot of consideration? Define your look with more common eye shadows with light eyeliner and mascara. While applying eye makeup styles, go for light colors that complement your skin tone. It will be so natural to do it, and you will look absolutely stunning.

Glittery Eye Makeup look:

Need a look of eye makeup styles that transforms you from daytime tonight? Run for eye shadows with a delicate shine that will light up your eyelids. Light glittery shades or metallic colors can be worn at whatever time of day. Usually this type of makeup is done with dark color outfits. Like with black color, glittery eye shadows make your looks dashing.

Cat Eye:

The look of feared, ravishing cat eye is very much in fashion for eye makeup styles these days. Everybody has their own specific manner of doing it. If you want to apply cat eye look to your eyes you can make use of gel or may be liquid eyeliner.

Gradient Eye shadow:

Do you want to add some brilliant touch to your eye makeup styles? Play with slopes: step by step apply a light eye shadow from your inward eye to a darker eye shadow at the external edge of your eye. Mix where the colors meet. Shadows with sparkling colors work the best.

Heavy Eyeliner:

Are you having the feeling of looking like a superstar today? Go for an additional emotional look by covering the top and base of your eye with a strong dark liner, associating at the internal eye. Covering your waterline is your choice. Go for it and shine in all forms of eye makeup styles.

Cut Crease Eye shadow:

This "exceptional look" isn’t as troublesome as it may show up. The Cut Crease is a procedure where the crease is drastically characterized with the help of a dull, pigmented shadow. You can achieve this kind of eye makeup styles with the help of giving sharp edges and differentiating shadows, yet you can go for a more simple and easy method by mixing progressively and utilizing more regular hues.

Learn about applying different eye makeup styles at different occasions.

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