How to Combine Polka dot Dresses and Skirts

Big, smaller, of different colors, sizes ... polka dots are a success, year after year, as they never go out of style, we find them in jackets, shoes, overalls, dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters, bags ...

In short, polka dots are present in all kinds of clothes and accessories, now we show you some keys to show off your polka dots print in all its versions, both for a beach day look to a bodorrio in style, and that is there is no pattern that is more profitable than polka dots.

Combine black polka dot dress

A thousand versions for a single dress! Combine your polka dot dress Canada with wedges and an esparto bag, ideal for holidays and beach days. For the afternoon and when night falls, put it on with black, gold, or red sandals. If it is for a more autumnal look, it will look great with black socks and shoes, or super high boots in black, or you can also try boots or ankle boots in red or maroon to give it a touch of color!

Combine white polka dot dress

And in its white version, we love it too, but only suitable for summer! Ideal for your summer nights, with accessories in gold and Valentino red lips.

You will succeed!

Make a low bun in your hair, with some golden rings and you will get a very Mediteranian look.

Polka dot dresses are perfect, with the right accessories, for any communion or wedding. Take a look at the last photos, putting a hat in her they have already achieved the perfect outfit, simple, sexy, cheerful and mega elegant!

If, on the other hand, you love accessories, your ideal look will be that of maxi earrings in black and a matching headband with the clutch in red.

Combine colored polka dot dress

We also have other versions available, departing from the mythical black and white. As in its version in beige, and earth tones, which we think is the most elegant option, both for casual days and for a wedding, with their respective accessories, as in the first image, with a hat and shoes in the same tones, very 50's. Of course you can wear a special 50’s dress to get a perfect look. If you are brunette and you like to get out of the ordinary, it will look great in pink or turquoise tones.

Black polka dot shirt

With ripped jeans to give it that more informal point, with a total black look, for more sober and elegant moments, or also with a tight black tube skirt and black biker, you will be the most sexy and sophisticated. Do not forget that if you want to give more life to your shirt, wear it with skirts or pants shades of red, maroon, yellow, mustard, pink ... infinity of colors that will combine perfectly with your polka dot shirt, mix and create infinite outfits with the same shirt, and it is that to be fashionable, it is not always to spend…

White polka dot shirt

The white version could not be missed! With jeans, and accessories in full color in shades of bougainvillea, fuchsia or orange. With a total white look, a very fresh image for a white party, but giving it the beautiful touch that we like so much!

Not only do you reserve your polka dot shirt for outings and more elegant moments, but it will also look great with your favorite jean and your usual sneakers! What can't you get more out of a garment?

Polka dot skirt

We go to the bottom, with infinite shapes and patterns. In a short version with heels and cotton t-shirts, with messages or a rock band, or like image two with a sweatshirt for those who like to take risks. If you are not much of a miniskirt, try its fluid midi version, look at the images, and their combinations in three different colors, black, brown and white. Three different and super wearable styles for everyday. Do not be afraid to wear it with sneakers, dare and join the fashion of midi skirt and converse, comfort and style two in one.

You will not regret!

Polka dot pants

And if you have zero skirts, neither short nor long, pants will be your best ally, try a palazzo and give it a fun touch with patterned t-shirts, plus cute little bags. Also, try a white knotted shirt, it goes with everything, and it is always a success, plus the appropriate accessories, personally, we love how it combines gold and polka dots. The shoe or the bag in a red or fuchsia, your choice

And you don't need more!

We are left with the last advice, with polka dot satin pants in champagne tone and matching blouse. This mix of colors brings an incredible class and then with the touch of the polka dots, it becomes the perfect outfit.

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