Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Giving out chocolates, heart shaped balloons, red colored clothes and cheesy cards is something that has been overdone and none of us wants to repeat it this time round with our partners. To celebrate Valentine’s Day ideas are plenty, but the problem is that we hardly ever think out of the box.

There is so much that not just a guy but a girl can do to make the Valentine’s Day literally the most romantic day. Usually, by performing the mainstream activities on the Valentine’s Day we feel that we have done a great deal for our loved one or partner but in reality, just by doing all that we are actually making Valentine’s Day the most unromantic day of the year.

Here are some of the things you can do for your partner or loved one in order to make not just their, but your Valentine’s Day really special.

1) Cancel the Fancy Restaurant Reservation


One of the most highly overdone gesture is making a reservation and taking your partner to the most exquisite restaurant in town. In order to celebrate Valentine’s Day ideas need to be really unique and what we have in mind is something really cute. Instead of the fancy restaurant, invite your partner over at your house and cook his/her favorite meal. This will really surprise your partner and will definitely help make your bond go stronger. Make a cozy arrangement for both of you and you can even watch a movie at home.

2) Cut down the Mainstream Gifts

valentine gifts

Like we mentioned earlier, giving a stuffed animal or anything colored red or heart shaped is cheesy according to our list of celebrate Valentine’s Day ideas. You need to go beyond all that this time. Think hard and understand what your partner wishes to have the most. It could be anything starting from a monthly service of his/her favorite magazine, his/her favorite meal deliveries or anything that he wanted to buy online, you could surprise your partner with that. It does not necessarily have to be red or heart shaped to make an impact!

3) Cut Down on Technology


We really need to face the fact that no gift is better than giving your partner quality time. That is what most couples require out of their partners too. So this Valentine’s Day just think of nothing else but the love of your life. You can turn off your cell phone, put all the gadgets like your laptops and tabs aside and just enjoy the fact that you two are together. You can go for a long walk or a long drive. You might believe that this will not be good enough for a great Valentine’s Day but trust us, this will be the perfect gift for you partner. You can of course alter the plans accordingly in order to make it even better for your partner.

4) Relive the Past Memories


memoriesWell, our next suggestion is a little technology oriented but we have no doubts that it will surely make your partner fall in love with you all over again on this Valentine’s Day. You can start collecting pictures of you both and make it into a slideshow and use it as the movie you two were planning to watch at home. Another thing you can do is surprise your partner with a collage of all the pictures of you two cut in a special shape, maybe a map of your favorite city or country. This could also be a keep sake for him/her.

Follow these simple yet really sweet ideas this Valentine’s Day and make this special day count for both of you. We are sure that after this very day, your bond will grow and you will understand love in simpler and more beautiful ways. Cheers!

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and most couples are looking for something to do out of the box this time. Here are some of our ideas that you can follow.

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