5 Tips To Achieve Healthier Skin During Ramadan

Ramadan is only a few days away and that means a change of dietary routine and quite a few other related aspects. A significant change is in the intake of water and choice of edibles and their timings. With less intake of water, the skin loses moisture accompanied by elasticity and the look of the skin reflects dullness and fatigued.

There is no need to worry about this. Remember that the advent of Ramzan does not mean that the skin should remain starved too. There are ways to enable the skin to glow even during the fasting time and the recommended tips are:

1. There is no need for makeup. Somehow the cosmetic makeup and Ramadan do not combine well. So stay away from makeup and this in turn will help you to avail immense benefits of avoiding the chemicals that are an integral part of cosmetics. This gives a much wanted break to the skin.

2. During the period of Iftar to Sehr, make sure to drink eight cups of water. This will help in hydrating the skin and also keeping it moisturized. Just opt for water and do not consume juices and beverages. It is advisable to keep the water bottle within reach.

3. Keep the skin clean and also peel off thin fragments. Also resort to toning and make this a routine. In the course of Ramadan days, these recommendations must be adhered to thereby you will be able to avoid breakouts keeping the skin clear and when Ramadan concludes and Eid comes, the skin is glowing.

4. Select fiber-rich food items. These items ensure that the skin continuously undergoes repair. The essential oils in food items like fruits and vegetables plus nuts and fish serve the skin well and act as healers. Their regular intake is a must.

5. The single most important food item is Yogurt. It is a protein loaded food which also speeds up the digestion process and provides beneficial nourishment to the skin.

Ramadan is an ideal time to take care of your skin beauty and enhance it by following the routine recommended.

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